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Restaurant Menu

    • Appetisers

    • Crispy Vegetarian spring rolls

      Crispy Vegetarian spring rolls

      € 7.75

      With leaves, fresh herbs & plum dipping sauce.

    • Honey Sesame Prawns

      € 7.75

      3 tiger prawns in tempura batter dipped in honey and coated in sesame seeds, served on citrus rocket leaves.

    • Chicken Satay

      € 7.75



      Marinated and grilled served with cucumber pickle and a spicy peanut sauce.

    • Wasabi Prawns

      € 6.75



      A classic dish - butterfly prawns coated in a spicy Wasabi sauce. Topped with Mango Salsa.

    • Chilli Squid

      Chilli Squid

      € 7.75



      Tempura squid, wok fried with garlic, chilli and spring onion.

    • Kung Pao Wings

      € 6.45



      Tossed in our delicious Kung Pao sauce

    • Mao Sharing Dish

      € 15.95



      Kung Pao wings, honey sesame prawns, spring rolls and chicken satay.

    • Singapore Style Roasted Duck (to share)

      Singapore Style Roasted Duck (to share)

      € 15.95

      Shredded crispy duck, served with pancakes, cucumber strips, shredded leek and Hoisin sauce.

    • Kung Pao Spare Ribs

      € 7.75



      Baby back ribs coated in our delicious spicy Kung Pao sauce.

    • Waterfall Salad

      € 10.95



      Beef strips in a hot & sour marinade. Served on baby gem lettuce cups.

    • Most Loved

    • Hong Kong Chicken

      € 17.45



      Chicken coated in a light batter with mixed peppers,
      red onion, baby corn, mangetout and spring onion
      in a slightly spicy sweet sauce. Served with Jasmine rice.
      We donate €1 to Making Connections when you order this dish.

    • Mongolian Beef

      € 15.95



      Sweet and spicy Mongolian beef on a bed of cabbage and stir-fried noodles. Topped with crispy rice noodles.

    • Chilli Chicken Ramen

      Chilli Chicken Ramen

      € 13.45

      chillichillichilliballheart 400cals


      Sliced marinated and grilled chicken breast on egg noodles with pak choi and chilli herb broth.

    • Nasi Goreng

      € 17.95



      Indonesian fried rice with chicken, shrimp, chillies cabbage, satay and fried egg.

    • Vegetable Nasi Goreng

      € 13.75



      Available on request.

    • Hati Ayam

      Hati Ayam

      € 15.95

      Classic Indonesian chicken spiced with garlic, ginger, onion, coriander, peanut and finished with coconut milk. Served with Jasmine rice.

    • Singapore Noodles

      € 15.45

      chilliballheart 731cals


      Singapore on a plate! Noodles flavoured with Indian and Malaysian curry spices, with chicken, prawns, bean sprouts & spring onions.

    • Five Spice Chicken

      € 17.95

      Five spice marinated chicken, stir fried with vegetables In a Thai basil chilli sauce, on wombok and crispy noodles.

    • Desserts

    • Mango and Passionfruit

      € 3.75

      Sorbet (2 scoops)

    • Raspberry Sorbet

      € 3.75

      Raspberry Sorbet (2 scoops)

    • Luxury Ice-cream

      € 3.75

      Luxury Ice-cream (2 scoops)
      Vanilla, Strawberry or chocolate

    • Coconut Banana Fritter

      € 4.95

      Served with caramel sauce and Vanilla Ice-cream.

    • Soft Drinks

    • Pepsi

      € 2.75
    • Pepsi Max

      € 2.75
    • 7up

      € 2.75
    • 7up Free

      € 2.75
    • Club Orange

      € 2.75
    • Ballygowan small

      € 2.25
    • Ballygowan large

      € 3.50
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